About Beyond the Turmoil

Beyond the Turmoil is an ongoing collection of perspectives on establishing vision & culture, cultivating clarity, gaining traction, and seeing the results from creating raving fans.

Why Beyond the Turmoil?
Over the past 24 years as an entrepreneur, IT consultant, developer, husband, and father I have had the opportunity to be mentored by and work alongside great people who cared enough to share the challenges and experiences that shaped their lives, their family, their calling, and their businesses. The one consistent theme they have shared, and I have experienced for myself is the day-to-day chaos that keeps us all from enjoying a great culture, experiencing true alignment, succeeding on what’s most important, and focusing working on their business rather than in it. The key is getting Beyond the Turmoil to a place that allows you and your leadership the time to lead, the capacity to manage, and the personal and group accountability to stay on track.

Hopefully, you will find some nuggets of truth in what you read here. Insightful, relevant perspectives that you can relate to and use in your life as a leader. To be sure, my thoughts are not new or totally original. Just how I see things through my owns experiences and the eyes of others. These perspectives have been around for centuries and can be found throughout the Bible.

Thank you for visiting. If you would like the opportunity to benefit from personal assistance in getting Beyond the Turmoil simply contact me through the web site. There are tools, concepts and strategies that can be the difference in reaching your vision or hitting the ceiling.