ourfirstjobsearch.com – Classroom challenge answers student struggle

Evolving from a classroom challenge, Our First Job Search is the result of 60 students brainstorming on how to help their peers navigate the universal struggle they face as they begin the grand journey in the job search process. Sometimes fresh out of college tosses us right overboard and into a sea of turmoil.

The Importance of Being A Team Player

I recently ran across this version of Aesop’s fable “The Four Oxen and the Lion” on a blog post by writer/columnist Charlie Scott and felt it speaks to a core value most companies have, or want to have. Being a “TEAM PLAYER”. I hope you find some small bit of inspiration from it. 4oxen-lionIn the days before civilization, out on the prairie there lived four oxen:  Frank, Harry, Skip and Greg. These oxen had learned over time that they were safer as a group. Whenever anything that looked dangerous approached, twitches from any one of the oxens’ ears was the signal for all of them to band together and take defensive positions. Their defense was elementary but effective. The four oxen would back their tails together with each ox facing outward. (This may have been the first recorded “I’ve got your back” teamwork.) This configuration allowed the oxen to see in all directions.