What do we do?

right pieceIf someone asked you to tell them in one simple sentence what we do, what would you tell them. Would you say:

  • We solve our clients problems
  • We develop web sites
  • We help our clients brand themselves
  • We install new systems
  • We complete tickets

Those are all true statements, and they are individual examples of the things that possibly fill our daily lives as we strive to create Raving Fans. But, when asked, we need to be able to share in a simple complete way what we do. Something like:

We provide the right solution, using the right technology, for the right client

Like our friend in the graphic here, only the right piece will fit exactly. If one edge or corner doesn’t match exactly, the piece may slip into the puzzle, but there will be gaps. Of course, we could compromise on the gaps. That would be ok, right? Other companies do it, don’t they? Yes, other companies do it. No, it is not all right. Why? Those gaps can cause both our clients and our team heartache. So, we must be laser focused on making sure we are working with our clients to find and implement the right solution, using the right technology. When we do, we all win!

What about the right client? If we bring the right solution, using the right technology, does the right client really matter? It does if we want to have a client relationship based on mutual-trust, mutual-understanding, and mutual-communication. The right client means they believe that we bring significant benefit to them reaching their vision if our relationship is open and honest. The right client means they understand when we need to focus all our efforts on another client who is in greater need because one day they will ask us to do the same for them. The right client grasps that mutual-communication is a two-way street that we both need to actively participate in.

As you work through each day. Put every conversation, every opportunity under the microscope and see how you can to provide the right solution, using the right technology, to the right client better than we ever have.

Make it a great day!

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