How will we succeed?

rowersOver the last few weeks I have shared thoughts on:

  • Why do we exist – We exist to serve our clients IT needs!
  • How do we behave – By demonstrating our Core Values daily. No tradeoffs!
  • What do we do? – we provide the right solution, using the right technology, to the right clients!

If we all fully understand, agree with, and embrace these three aspects then we have started down the path to answer the question “How will we succeed? ”. Some of you may already be saying to yourself, I know this, I know this!!. We will succeed by Creating Raving Fans! True, we do know the measure of our success by the way our clients view us. It is the reason we place such a high value on our Net Promoter Score (NPS) that is shared each week. While this is an indicator of our success, it is not the How in “How will we succeed? ”.

In his book, “Mastering the Rockefeller Habits, Verne Harnish notes that the difference between organizational vision and organizational alignment as drivers toward success is a whopping 99%. He demonstrates that vision = 1%, while alignment = 99%.” For us, it means that Creating Raving Fans = 1% of our success, while being aligned as an organization = 99% of our success.

So what is all this about alignment and why is it important to all of us? For starters, as the paragraph above states, it is 99% of our success. Alignment is all about everyone moving in the same direction, shoulder to shoulder, to succeed. Without this alignment, it is practically impossible to get there. Does that mean without 100% alignment we can’t be a successful organization? No, but it will make it much more difficult and far less enjoyable. And who wants that?

Imagine a rowing team where everyone is off rhythm. The boat will move in circles or at the very least zig-zag its’ way through the course reaching the end far later and much more exhausted. The same applies to us if we are out of alignment. This leads to working against each other rather than in unison. By making sure that everyone is aligned, we all will be doing and saying the same things to Create Raving Fans. We work towards and reach organizational alignment when we:

1. We are all on the same page and working together in one accord
2. We are all demonstrating our Core Values daily
3. We have the right people in the right seats
4. We trust those we work with and can be vulnerable around them
5. We are not afraid to engage in passionate debate over important issues for the good of the company
6. We are committed to success because great teams disagree but still come together to succeed
7. We embrace accountability as a means to raise our standards
8. We go all-out to achieve stellar results that benefit all of us

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