Why do we exist? Part 2

Cultivating Clarity

Why do we exist?

I got some really great answers from the initial post on this subject. Some are included below:

  • To develop relationships which results in creating raving fans.
  • Coming from a (mainly) concrete, matter-of-fact perspective, the company exists to grow and serve its customers.
  • From a more existential perspective, the company exists due to the law of attraction: we all have certain “like” qualities that have drawn us together, and we exist as a company because of that.
  • We exist, simply for our clients; past, present, and future.
  • The company exists because the need for us to exist is there.
  • Because we love helping others, because we want to share our skills for the better of others, and because we strive to constantly and consistently provide value in order to create Raving Fans.

The answer that rings most true to me is We exist to serve our clients needs. Pretty simple, isn’t it. And incredibly true. If the clients we serve, as one of our answers put it, “past, present, and future”, did not need us, we simply would have no reason to exist. This isn’t true for just us, it applies to every company, in every line of business, ever established. The need could be a product or a service. We provide both, right? What if what we provide is no longer needed. You might be saying to yourself, “What kind of crazy talk is that?” We will always be needed. Think so? Check out the services and products below that are no longer needed. I am sure you will recognize most of them.


All of the products and services above were commonly needed at one time. But as new things came along, their need changed until they were no longer needed. They simply lost their value.

If our reason to exist is people need us, how do we make sure that doesn’t change? Just like the examples above, we stand the chance of entering the no reason to exist zone unless we focus on creating value with what we provide. If we are not making sure our clients see value in what we provide we have no reason to exist for that client. Pretty simple!

So what is the secret sauce to creating value? 5 ingredients. That’s right, 5 simple ingredients I will share with you over the next few weeks. Stay tuned!! Next week we will take a look at ingredient #1 – How Do We Behave.


Make it a great week!

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