How do we behave?

Cultivating Clarity

Ingredient #1: How do we behave?

I hope you took some time to reflect on “Why we exist” and gained some clarity on the reality that we exist simply because people need us. We have the unique opportunity to solve their problems and bring value to their lives. The value we bring is created through 5 key ingredients.

Ingredient #1: How do we behave?
No matter where you are in life or what team you are on, the family team, the work team, the softball team, you have to know the rules of the game. What is acceptable and what is not. We express these as our CORE VALUES. Core Values are the no trade-off behaviors one is committed to demonstrating on a daily basis to our clients, our teammates, and our community. No trade-off behaviors. Sounds a bit intimidating, doesn’t it? In truth, it does. But, I believe only for those who don’t yet understand the importance it plays in creating Raving Fans. Like ingredients in your favorite recipe, How we behave yields a distinct purpose, or flavor if you will, to creating clarity for any organization.

  • The flavor of organizational “True North”. The internal compass that gives us constancy of purpose and reduces flavor-of-the-month approaches.
  • The flavor of Value: The relationship building effect we have on clients when we constantly and consistently provide value in order to create Raving Fans.
  • The flavor of Freedom: Aligning with expected behaviors reducing confusion and allowing for less micromanagement. We know what we are supposed to do and we do it.
  • The flavor of Commitment: Knowing what we “really” stand for and behaving as an organization to create Raving Fans. Commitment to Hire, Evaluate, Counsel, and Release to the Industry.

Without fail these flavors will come together in one accord, yielding our distinct purpose. Setting the stage for our next key ingredient: “How will we succeed?” Do you know and practice our Core Values every day so much that you can state them and give examples of how we live them? If not, I urge you to spend some time this week and consider the Core Values that define your organization.

Make it a great day!

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