ourfirstjobsearch.com – Classroom challenge answers student struggle

"Wherever you are, it starts here"

- Our First Job Search

Evolving from a classroom challenge, Our First Job Search is the result of 60 students brainstorming on how to help their peers navigate the universal struggle they face as they begin the grand journey in the job search process. Sometimes fresh out of college tosses us right overboard and into a sea of turmoil.

Over the years, not much has changed in that process… until now. Our First Job Search changes the landscape for every student willing to open their minds to constructive input. I sure wish I had had a resource like this when I graduated.

What makes the site so unique is it goes far beyond the typical resources found on college campuses (although campus resources are great) and invites business leaders to share their advice, best practices, checklists, rules, and pointers to help each student not just get the first job, but get the RIGHT first job. And you can choose your favorite format from blogs to video to offer your insight and guidance.

So take a few minutes and visit https://www.ourfirstjobsearch.com/. If you are a business leader, coach, or have just been down this road a time or two and sage advice to lend, make contact and engage. Who knows you might find the next awesome hire without even looking.

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