The Cod and the Catfish

A little while back, a friend and mentor shared the lesson of the Cod and the Catfish with me.

He said fisherman discovered that when cod are captured and put in a live well they become lethargic and die before the fishing boats return to shore. This makes the cod useless and uneatable. The fisherman then put catfish in the live well with the cod and they discovered something remarkable. The catfish poke, prod, nip and totally aggravate the cod so that upon return the cod are alive and well.

Isn’t that a lot like our clients, teammates, and yes, even our family. Like the catfish they poke, prod, nip and totally aggravate us, but the truth is we need them. Why? Because they think differently than we do, they see things we are overlooking, they hold us accountable for promises and commitments we make (often without even realizing we have made them), and though we often don’t feel it, they care. N
ot just about their personal needs or agenda. They care about us as a company and you as a person. Otherwise, they would stop poking, prodding, nipping, and totally aggravating us and just call someone else.

zerbitTake a minute and think about the catfish in your life. Is your initial reaction to zerbit them like our friend here? I know that is how I feel at times even though I know it isn’t in line with our core values. Instead, we should focus on how we can use their catfish nature to help us better serve them. Appreciate that they care enough to be a catfish in your life. Choose to learn from your catfish and you will make a difference!

While you are at it, take note if one of your catfish stop poking, prodding, nipping, and totally aggravating you. It may be a sign the relationship is slipping.

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