The Other 5%

As a leader, how in tune are you with what I call “The Other 5%”. To be totally honest, I didn’t coin the phrase. It came about as a result of conversations with some of our IT Services clients . about recent experiences with our team. In both cases the clients were very happy overall with the service we provided, yet, there was a notable difference between what each shared as our conversation evolved and I felt that difference is “The Other 5%”.

Conversation #1: The client had some new equipment installed and during the installation process there was an issue with setting up one of the devices in the office. The client shared that after spending a fair amount of time attempting to find the solution online the team member instructed the client that they would need to call the manufacturer themselves because we could not do that for them.

Conversation #2: The client had called the office to speak with the technician working on a ticket that was keeping them from completing an important task. As you can imagine, they were a bit anxious. The client shared, when the call was answered by a team member most of the conversation revolved around getting the ticket info and looking up who the technician was. The client noted that it would have been easy for our team member to just get the info and transfer the call, but, she stated, they recognized the level of anxiety and took an extra moment to reassure the client and make sure the technician was available before transferring the call.

Both experiences are great examples of the significance of The Other 5%”.

In both examples, the nuts and bolts of what we expect to do to serve the client, were met. This makes up the first 95% of the clients experience and results in an overall happy client. However, the second conversation demonstrates the The Other 5%”  that takes us from having a happy client to creating a raving fan. The finishing touch in how you interact with the client is what leaves the lasting impression. An impression that plays heavily in when and how the client recommends us to a friend or colleague.

“The Other 5%” is the care and compassion we have for the client. Understanding and acknowledging the anxiety level, then making every effort to ease that anxiety is a game changer and while the payoff may not be immediate, it will bring dividends over time.

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