What is most important – Right Now?

alignment01Have you ever considered that? I am sure we all have an idea of the important issues, challenges, obstacles in both our personal and business lives.  But have you ever added the “Right Now! to the end of that thought or that discussion? It really can be a game changer in how you approach things.

If you haven’t added the “Right Now!  yet, let me offer you a suggestion on what your first “Right Now!  should be…

Alignment is a powerful thing and something every leader should want to get those around them united towards a set of mutual goals, or vision. It is a tough row to hoe and requires backbreaking effort, dedication, and will. And the thing that will keep us all going is focusing on the benefits rather than the hard work it takes to get there.

So, what are the benefits?

1. Alignment creates clear focus. Alignment forces us to all focus on the things that make a difference TOGETHER!

2. Alignment allows for healthy conflict. We can see things differently and still be in alignment. In fact, it permits us to examine what we are doing and how we are doing it so we can continually work on improving our alignment.

3. Alignment eliminates the “ME” factor. You can’t be in alignment with everyone around you if your thoughts and actions are based on what is in your personal best interest or convenient for you. When you are aligned, you willingly put personal desires aside for the benefit of the team.

4. Alignment yields natural accountability. When you are aligned with those around you, taking personal responsibility for your decision and actions begins to happen naturally. No reminders, no brow-beatings, no being called out, and NO EXCUSES!

As they say in North Carolina, “Is the climb worth the view?”. Well, as a matter of fact, yes. It is a beautiful thing when everyone decides to get on-board. Are you willing to make the climb, side-by-side with your teammates or your family?

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