What’s Your Magic Eraser?

"Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends."

- Walt Disney

meraser01I recently read an on-line article by Steve Dorfman about customer experience titled “Would you invest a dollar in your business to make four thousand?” In the article, Steve shared an experience he had with a moving company he hired to move some extra furniture out of their home. He shared that they arrived on time, where polite, and did a careful job.

Over the next couple of days, he discovered a number of places that needed to have scuff marks removed (a natural occurrence during moving furniture) and spent about 10 minutes with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser getting rid of the scuff-marks. The thought struck him of what the reaction might have been if the moving company, knowing that scuff-marks are a product of moving furniture, spent an extra 10 or 15 minutes scrubbing the walls. I would imagine it would be awesome.

To take it one-step further, he shares, what if the company left a pack of Magic Erasers behind after cleaning the scuff-marks. That would make it a WOW event, don’t you agree?

I love this concept for 2 reasons. Because it raises 2 critical questions we should engage our entire team in answering:

1. What are the things in your company that leave “scuff-marks“, real or virtual, on your clients.
2. What is, or could be, the Magic Eraser that helps you as a team, and a company, remove the “scuff-marks” and l;eaves every client saying WOW!?

And, it is applicable to any company regardless of industry, size, geography, or culture. Yes! It applies to you!

Take the time this week, or better yet, today, to ask your team about those “scuff-marks” and your what they believe could be your company’s Magic Eraser.

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